Locksmith services

Locksmith services

Master keying and restricted key systems


A master key, restricted access security system provides full control and access to commercial premises. Customise as many combinations as required for access requirements to individual staff members – providing each with limited access only to the areas you want them to enter. Every key can be traced to its holder and to the individual locks it will activate.

All restricted keys are legally patented and protected key designs that can only be duplicated by the issuing company and only under authorisation from the registered signatories.

Keyless entry systems


Commonly referred to as keyless entry, access control is an electronic means of deciding exactly who can go where, and when.  Keyless entry is widely used within commercial buildings to increase security by giving organisations or building managers the ability to limit personnel access to doors, lifts, gates and barrier arms within a building or compound. The systems can be used to log and monitor the activity of staff or tenants and to trace personnel movements within a building.

Set your keyless entry system up with  a PIN number, swipe cards, proximity cards, biometric scans (fingerprints or similar) or a combination of these.

Safe sales and repairs


At home, in the office or in a large commercial operation, secure storage is a must. Be it a fire safe, specific data storage safes, digital safes, keyed safes, wall mounted safes , or a floor standing safe…your requirements will be assessed and recommendations made specific to your needs. Security Link member businesses offer a full unlocking and repair service.

General locksmithing

pad locks

Home or business – all our members deliver full-service locksmithing – be it via mobile vans or in-store services. All members advise on sell, install and repair a comprehensive range of padlocks, safes, deadbolts, door locks, window hardware, chain, and many other security products. Keep your business of home secure.  All products carry at least a 2-year warranty on products and labour.

Full unlocking and repair


Locked out? Whether it’s your car, your house or your office – we can get you back in.

Broken lock?  We provide a full repair service. And in most centres we have a member with a mobile service – so they will come to you.


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