Electronic services

Electronic services


Alarm pad

Need an alarm? One of our members will access and advise on a customised electronic security solution. The comprehensive service includes the installation of internal, external and perimeter security systems along with monitoring and maintenance services. Working with well-respected and reputable suppliers, we supply alarm systems that feature the latest technology and components that are locally supported and serviced.

By bundling up our security packages, we can ensure a total solution for commercial premises – regardless of the size of the site or complexity of the security and access requirements. An alarm system may be just one component of the entire security package.

Security Link can provide residential and commercial electronic security systems to driveway beam alarms, alarm monitoring, text alert alarm systems and alarms controlled by your smart phone.

Monitoring 24/7

Monitoring 24/7 Having someone on guard, all day every day, gives your peace of mind. Even with the most comprehensive security system, there are times when it is important to know there is someone on guard; a person ready to react and intervene whenever an alarm alert is received.

We don’t believe in false alarms – there is always a reason for an activation. Every signal is sent to a monitoring station where the information is processed by an experienced professional – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 356 days a year.

The response plan is determined by you – options include video monitoring from a remote site, telephone call backs, immediate site visits and where necessary, police or emergency services intervention.

Automatic Gates

Automatic gates

Our members work with the most reputable gate manufacturers to design, create and install gates or barrier arms for residential and commercial sites. Alternatively, we can automate an existing gate or barrier.

For total security, operate your gate from a key pad, via remote control or from an intercom system connected to a phone. Gate automation can range from the installation of a simple motor on a new or existing gate, to a sophisticated entry system integrated into a total security package.

Booms and barriers are an effective way of controlling vehicle access. Again – your individual requirements will be assessed by a security professional to ensure you get the correct solution to meet your specific needs.

Access control systems


Control who goes where – access control provides you with a complete means of identifying, controlling and monitoring all movements on one site or across multiple buildings. The systems are simply modified to accommodate the changing personnel or access requirements in both residential and commercial applications.

Technology can range from a small stand-alone system for one to ten users, to a multi-user system with thousands of users accessing hundreds of defined areas.

Access control systems do not rely on a key but require some form of recognition to permit access; either by using a PIN number on an external key pad, using a swipe card, a proximity tag, or increasingly, by using biometric scans such as finger-print reading or facial recognition.



Closed circuit television cameras can act as your eyes and ears when you are not on site. Technology has improved bringing the cost of CCTV systems down. High definition footage can identify people and license plates – making the chance of identifying, apprehending and convicting criminals much greater.

A Security Link member will tailor a solution to meet your requirements and budget.

From home security cameras that can be monitored from a remote location by smartphone, through to more extensive and sophisticated camera systems that have the capability of recording a license plate number from a fast moving vehicle – we have the solution to suit. Monitored, unmonitored or patrolled – the choice is yours.

Integration of systems with EFTpos and other point of sales equipment can monitor your financial transactions.


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