FULL SECURITY SERVICE: From traditional locksmith services to the latest technology in premises security – Security Link brings together hundreds of professionals from the leading security companies across New Zealand.


Full security services delivered nationwide by a network of security professionals

There is no aspect of security our network members cannot provide. From traditional locksmith services to the latest technology in site security – Security Link brings together hundreds of security professionals from New Zealand’s leading electronic security and locksmith companies. Individually or collectively they bring a full stable of turn-key security products and services who can deliver you a bespoke security solution to meet your budget.

Any job, anywhere, can be completed by one of our highly responsive, professional and qualified network members. Whether it’s one site or multiple sites across New Zealand, Security Link will access, advise, provide, install and monitor your security needs.

Our members use only quality hardware and workmanship and is fully guaranteed for two years – one year more than the industry average.

Full security service

Security audits

Good business security means finding the correct security measures to meet your specific needs and budget. This could be several simple security measures, or a mix of multiple security solutions, providing a total customised security system. Our members do not roll out a cookie cutter solution. Every business has unique requirements, so a Security Link member will:

  • assess
  • advise
  • provide
  • and install locks, safes, electronic security and access systems to suit your needs and budget.

Commercial and industrial security

Securing your commercial business could be the most important and cost effective investment you will make. From locksmith services to full electronic security systems that use the latest in technology – a Security Link member will provide a site specific solution for your business – be it one building or multiple building across different sites.

Residential security

From a simple lock installation, to cutting new keys through to a fully automated electronic security system that is operated through your smart phone – our members can advise, provide, install and repair a home security system to meet your needs and budget.

Building site security

A temporary security solution on a building site is essential – monitor the movements of trades people, place cameras on site, install laser security beams, lock storage containers or organise electronic surveillance while the site is empty. For every budget, there a multiple options to keep your building site secure – day and night.

Technology has improved, bringing the cost of site security down while also bringing the level of service up. High definition camera footage can identify people and license plates – making the chance of identifying, apprehending and convicting criminals much greater.

Automotive locks and repairs

Between them, our member businesses have a selection of world-leading technology allowing them to provide the most comprehensive automotive lock service including key and transponder diagnosis, cutting and vehicle entry.

  • Repair locks
  • Unlock vehicles
  • Produce keys for vehicles
  • Change locks to suit new keys
  • Cut keys to code for late model computerised vehicles
  • Supply transponder keys for most vehicles
  • Cut two-track and four-track keys (Holden’s, BMW’s, Mercedes, etc.)
  • Transponders
  • Full range of hardware

Institutional security

Our members work with some of the largest employers across New Zealand – including many government departments, health organisations, schools and major industry. Managing upwards of 10,000 lockable doors within a complex is all part of a day’s work.

Detention security

When expertise, experience and professionalism are highly important, Security Link now bring the detention sector a network of national service providers that can install, maintain and service all security requirements in detention centres anywhere in New Zealand.

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