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As part of our commitment to our clients across the country, we invite you to visit this page regularly to stay informed about the latest in security … and all things related to the suite of services Security Link NZ delivers.

Wireless security technology leads to arrests 

security beamAs theft in Canterbury rises, Ross Galt Electronic Security divisional manager Peter Erridge says that customised and high-tech solutions, used on to prominent earthquake damaged sites, have ended in several arrests in recent weeks.

Property owners and managers are looking to technology to prevent theft, property damage and unlawful entry, and getting positive results. Click here to read more.

Stop Criminals before they get into your business

Stop Criminals before they get into your businessNearly 16,000 unlawful entries and burglaries were reported in Canterbury alone last year, so the obvious question is; is your business protecting itself against intruders and theft?

Those likely to enter your property with ill intent are smarter and more brazen than ever. As security technology gets smarter – so too do those trying to avoid detection. Click here to read more about protecting your business.

Keeping your home and family safe

When securing what matters most to you, Security Link ensures you are getting the most qualified and experienced security specialists, regardless of your locationWith the Christchurch rebuild firmly underway, homeowners are faced with many issues to consider as they set about repairing, renovating or rebuilding their homes.  One area that is often overlooked – to the homeowner’s peril – is the issue of home security. 

Many residents are currently managing temporary storage or accommodation options.  Others are dealing with a variety of trades people and contractors requiring free access to homes and properties. Security – in the short term and in the long term – is increasingly more complicated and more imperative to sort.

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